Wisconsin Impact coaches collectively bring more experience to the court than any other club in SE Wisconsin. Our coaches rarely coach more than one team, and most of our teams have at least one assistant coach.

Collectively, our coaching staff of 22 coaches for 2020 has the following experience:

50+ years of collegiate playing experience, including 8 scholarship players.
100+ years of head varsity coaching experience.
75+ years of JV / assistant varsity coaching experience.
200+ years of youth coaching experience.

Amazingly, we have 5 coaches on staff that have led teams to the State tourney as a coach and another 6 coaches that earned a trip to State as either an assistant or a player.

Our coaches are involved with Wisconsin Impact because they love the game - especially when it's played the right way - and they want to have a positive impact on their players. We go to great lengths to ensure that every coach within our organization is consistent with our program philosophies, with particular emphasis on creating an environment that gives players the maximum opportunity to get better and prepares them for an opportunity to play college basketball.

Defensively, each of our coaches teach primarily man-to-man defense (and exclusively at the younger levels). Offensively, our coaches teach an offense that promotes an aggressive mindset, quick decisions, teamwork, ball movement, movement without the ball, good shot selection, taking care of the ball, and developing a high basketball IQ. Our coaches have many opportunities to work collaboratively to ensure a consistent approach across all levels.